What Prayer Can Do For You

Never underestimate the power of prayer and what it can do in your life. 


Prayer is an essential tool that opens the door of miracles to our lives. People who pray get whatever they ask God. Prayer, indeed, leads to blessing when we ask appropriately. 


Prayer, although the most simple task anyone can perform, often appears very difficult. The reason behind the ordeal is that Satan knows that people get a solution to their problem through prayer, so he makes the exercise seems complicated. 


Calling unto God and making a request before him is not a strenuous exercise. It’s actually an exciting effort. Because prayer, once performed, gives us a sense of accomplishment. 


Don’t misconceive prayer

It is not the prayers that must be considered as a solution, but God who answers prayers. A person who prays to any deity other than God should not be expecting an answer. Only the prayer sent to God returns a blessing.


People who engage in prayers get their rewards

Prayer rewards those who engage in it. We all have a moment of needs in our lives and need the intervention of God. We want the higher power to come to our aid. 


At what point does prayer become an impossible task?

The exercise of communicating with God becomes challenging when we focus on any problem or a challenge that rises. In other words, pressure can build up to the point that a person under difficulty can forget to call on “God of solution.” 

What should you do when prayer gets tough?

Do anything that can divert your attention from your problem. One effective option to consider is to start praising God. (This may sound tough, but trust me, it is doable!)


As you praise God during a difficult time, God becomes magnified, and the magnitude of your problem becomes reduced. 


One more thing to consider when a problem is pushing you beyond praying is to read your Bible. Read the word of God to gain strength. Of course, this option may not be easily understood, but if you try it, you will discover that the Spirit of God will dominate your mind and also take over your situation. 


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There are times in life when a person needs some help. It may be for a minor issue we feel a friend or a family member can handle, or a major problem requiring the help of a higher power. Whatever the type of life challenges, God is able to address them all. When we turn to God for help or guidance, we need to know what to say and how to say it.


In this Book of Prayers, by James Taiwo, you will find a prayer solution to your problem. There are more than 200 different form of prayers provided, including prayers for such things as miracle, love, protection, repentance, and guidance.


Each category comes with a helpful introduction and Bible references explaining their backgrounds, and how they can be used in today’s context. Your mind will be opened to receive God’s intervention and have great victory through this Book of Prayers! It will get your spirit lifted up, and expose you to enjoy praying habit and find solutions to many life’s problems. You will be guided through the time of trouble and obtain great victory.

book of common prayer

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