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Lydia Sakun

by Lydia at March 21, 2020

PtL Pastor Greeting in Jesus name. Please pray for complete healing from demonic attack. I am asking God to heal me completely. satan attacking my mind and at times I feel stomach bloated. Please pray for healing and deliverance. Thank you Regards Lydia S

Exam success

by Mary at February 22, 2020

I wrote an examination and got a 6.5 but i need a 7 . I have submitted it for a remark and am believing God for favour before the new examiner to give me a 7 in my exam just as in His word in Exodus 12:36.


by RICK at February 22, 2020

Please pray for deliverance i am suffering from depression, anxiety,fear . I am in a lot of pain that i cant control thank you

Healing of Cancer

by Rodney at February 4, 2020

Please pray for my brother that is dealing with cancer is going to have a stem cell transplant this month, be with him in this terrible time of his life,

sell my home

by Jane and Allen at February 4, 2020

Please pray for our home sells soon, we are approaching our deadlines and we need to move on in Jesus name we pray. Thank You


by keijo at January 23, 2020

Help and pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but using own victims,pray formy eyes sight too thanks and bless,keijo sweden


by Tim Jon Taylor at January 23, 2020

I was fired from my job as a case manger on 12/28/2019. I am praying and trusting God for a new job. And money to pay my bills. Iam praying for more than enough in my life for me and my family. Thanks so much for your prayers 🙏🏾

Special needs prayer

by Renee at January 17, 2020

Hello, Will you please agree with me in prayer. I am a single Mother of two minors. Boy and Girl. Lord you know our need I pray that God will lift strong holds off my Children's education. Especially my son. He faces challenges in high school with his learning. I pray that he graduates high school and that his grades come up. That he gets better at test taking. I pray that God grant me my Real Estate License that I am seeking. I pray that God lift the strong holds off my finances. So that I can maintain my faithfulness in paying my tithes and offerings and having enough to pay my bills and keep roof over my head and food on the table also, a new car that is dependable . I pray for a Godly husband . I pray for Good Health for me and my family. Most of all things. I pray that God will accept our good doing and will allow me and my children to build a great relationship with HIM . We need his guidance I decree and Declare these things in Jesus name.


by Lydia Sakunthala at January 9, 2020

My name Lydia Sakun from Malaysia. Please pray deliverance breaking bondage prayers for me. Satan is attacking my mind. I need a complete deliverance. At times [the situation] it gives me depression. Please pray for spiritual breakthrough in my life. Please pray for me Thank you Regards Lydia

Hello, Over the past year - the Lord has worked powerfully to bring me deliverance from the chains of sexual sin, yet - I am not without sin, and in this most solemn of seasons, I have begun to lapse back into this terrible sin. I grow discouraged, through rejection, loneliness, distracted by work, and family - yet, I know every day the Lords mercy, forbearance, and patience. While I have fallen, I pray the Lord is with me as I strive onward for holiness.

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