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by Nomathemba at May 4, 2020

Greetings in Jesus name, Please saints pray for me to be a true intercessor I love praayin and I'm called in this field

Pray for Getting a Permanent Job

by Edmund at May 4, 2020

I would humblely and sincerely pray to God. I ask God to bless me to find a perm job soon with a satisfactory package. I wish God would give me a job from the Petrochemical industry as I can contribute more of my experience and hone my skills. I pray God will grant and answer my prayer.

I need the baptism of d Holy spirit

by Dinma at April 15, 2020

Hello.Ive been desiring to have the baptism of d Holy spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. How do I truly receive it

Prayer to become pregnant this month

by Michelle at April 13, 2020

Please pray for me to become pregnant this month. I have become the laughing stock of my in laws and other family members. Lord let me not be put to shame and let not mine enemies triumph over me. I look forward to giving my testimony of this soon!

God’s help

by Rob at April 9, 2020

God i ask you to help and guide me in this troubled world. I give my life to you and i repent of all my sins. In Jesus name i pray amen.

Prayer for an apartment

by Joanne Stevens at April 9, 2020

I need prayer my husband and I that God will show us favor for an apartment

God bless you. Good morning. I am harry kim from Jinju city, east southern part of south korea. I am alone christian in my family. Would you pray for my hometown Jinju city? Because Jin ju has lowest christian rate in our country.(Only 2.2% are christians) Not many church and gospel band. So We need prayer to revive this city and to break the chain(Jinju city is mostly filled with buddism and sharmanism idolatry-worshiping dead anscestor). Especially, My father Kim yoon oh is forcing me to deny faith for Jesus Christ. It's too hard. Would you pray for me to keep the faith? Thank you, sir.

leukemia cancer

by Tracy at April 9, 2020

my sister Gloria C has blast leukemia she has to keep getting platelets , blood.. she is 75 and doesn't look like she is. she is doing chemo but her doctor said maybe she is getting to much chemo. so he stopped it. her body is suppose to heal itself. she has been weak, throwing up, darrhia . Please pray for her.


by Harrington at March 21, 2020

would you please add my name to the prayer chain i need the peace of God in my life. I have depression,anxiety,fear, and extreme loneliness. I confess my sins and repent and Jesus is Lord of my life.Please pray. Thank you Rick

Wisdom in Leadership, Guidance

by Rev. Gwen at March 21, 2020

My prayer is for guidance and directions in Pastorship, Leading a Congregation who is hungry for the word under Strife from other long time Leaders and Officers in the Church. Also that my God will show me an open door to my a short term process of LF and His Favour with man.

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