by MCCULLOUGH at April 22, 2021

In need of prayer to help me as a newly "Appointed Minister of the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST" by the Spirit of Jesus Christ, to "NOT TO BE "FEARFUL", "DOUBTFUL", NOR "AFRAID" of TEACHING AND PREACHING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST and TEACHING "THE WORD OF GOD" to others.My personality is "introverted" and I like being alone embracing my personal and quiet time in the presence of the LORD, JESUS CHRIST and my "BABY-GIRL" TERRIER DOG, named "ROOTIE MAC". I've had fear phobias at the thought an opportunities I've had to share the GOSPEL with strangers, because of me not wanting to be "rejected" and "given major attitudes" by people who are not receptive of the Gospel message and those who are persecutors of the Gospel of Jesus Christ"!! If i see that a person isn't receptive of something I am trying to share with them, that is extremely beneficial to them, it's my attitude to quickly turn away from them and let them face whatever consequences that's to follow for them not receiving and rejecting what would've otherwise, saved them from the horrible consequences.I know its scriptural to turn away and dust off the soles of my shoes, and never return to anyone who rejects the Gospel Message and/or refuses to even listen to the message! And, I have also had fear phobias about being challenged by haters of the Gospel Message and teachings that Jesus Christ is GOD and The Messiah, who dwelt among his own creation here on earth, and came into the world, to die for the sins of the world who chooses to create "arguments" to prove the teachings of the Gospel and Jesus being the Messiah, to not be true!...., It's my habitual response to quickly "blow-off" such a person and quickly remove myself from their presence as quickly as possible!For I DO NOT DO "DRAMA"!!!However, I desire and pray to the LORD, JESUS CHRIST to grant me a heart of humility and forgiveness, grace, mercy, patience, empathy and sympathy towards others who are living in darkness absent of the "light of Christ" that offers eternal life, and to make me his "good and faithful servant" as a legal heir to the throne of heaven as a child of God in Christ Jesus. And, I desire and prays for DIVINE WISDOM from HEAVEN ABOVE, as well as BOLDNESS, COURAGE, CONFIDENCE IN GOD to fulfill HIS CALLING on my life to be a MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL AND a "LIGHT" to the world and a partaker of the end time prophecy in being a soldier on the battle field raging war with Christ Jesus against satan and his kingdom of darkness that surrounds us today that we as a people is unable to see with our naked human eyes, those things that are active against the human race by satan and his forces of organized evil and wickedness and deceptions placed upon us!I need prayer for biblical knowledge, understanding, discernment, of God's WORD, THE SCRIPTURES, and an inward alarm system to alert me when danger of any kind is approaching me and/or my "baby girl" Terrier, my family or friends.And I need prayer for "endurance", ,motivation, determination, and zeal for doing and completing the full tasks of my calling to the very end of my life here on earth.may the LORD JESUS CHRIST enrichly bless your ministry of being partakers of prayer for ones like myself who are in constant need of prayer warriors praying for me!GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!AND THANK YOU!And I hate the feeling of being afraid to share the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST

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