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    Prayer request please

    by wendy at May 31, 2021

    Please pray for me for the deliverance and healing of my mind. Also prayer for Alma and Eric for peace and rest and to get rid of all sadness.

    Sickness, disease, misc

    by Tony at May 31, 2021

    Please pray for God to deliver me from temptation and from symptoms of sickness and disease For power, love, a clear mind and Him to fill me. For full protection from the enemy, evil, harm and attacks. God bless!

    I lost my job and I want God to replace it with a better job, an international job that is far better than the one I lost. the job that will draw me closer to him, an unmerited job


    by Robert at May 31, 2021

    Please pray against temptation to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and marijuana in my life. God bless!

    Healing, symptom relief, spiritual

    by Anthony at May 31, 2021

    Please pray against the attacks of the enemy on me. For symptom relief and anointing, comfort, peace, anxiety relief God bless!!!

    Long term prayer requests

    by linda at May 31, 2021

    Prayer for jen and crystal to find a apartment and for mental and emotional healing and for the girls to be reconciled to their parents. Heal all trauma and bitterness and unforgiveness. Help crystal find a good job and help with transit.Pray for the salvation of israel and melinda and shannon and giles and josiah and daylina and brian and kumar and per. Pray for the reconciling of patrick and bridgette and pray for lisa to reconciled to mom and dad and for jessie and jason to have/return to salvation. please pray for 6 months for this.

    Marriage restoration

    by Evelyn at May 31, 2021

    Please pray that my marriage will be restored and saved. Please pray for us. .

    Gods will, Holy Spirit

    by Anthony at May 31, 2021

    Please pray and intercede for me as God leads. God bless!!!


    by Ludovic at May 31, 2021

    Sorry to ask you again.Please pray Jesus for my mother who was in the hospital, Mrs Andrée Sarraz-Bournet. She was always nice and, with my father, helped a lot a poor Ukrainian family and also a village in Africa. May God bless her and that poor Ukrainian family ostreinova. Oksana is a widow and nastia is trying to live a decent life. They also need help from God. Thanks for your prayers

    My mom

    by Jeffrey at May 31, 2021

    My mom right now stop talking to me stop asking me did you eat anything. No longer know my name anymore and no longer know my cell phone number and no longer tell me she's going to visit granny anymore return my bankcard to me and then never come near my room anymore.

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