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Enslaved to immoral behavior

by Chris at September 17, 2020

I humbly ask for prayer. I have been a slave to sexual perversion my whole life. It’s destroyed my relationship to God, I’m losing my wife, I am losing everything. I am in complete ruin. My soul is in pain. I need something greater than me to get out of this prison. I’m just a ruined man on his way to hell.

My sons

by karen at September 17, 2020

Please pray for God to pour out His Spirit over my sons James and John, healing their addictions, freeing them from cravings, anxiety, and depression, and blessing them with long, healthy, happy lives. Thank you so much and God bless you.

Sexual sin adultery

by Trish at September 17, 2020

I have committed adultery numerous times. Feeling unloved in marriage, no intimacy. It's become a sexual addiction, difficult to break from, I feel my relationship with god fading because of it. God is still being faithful in many ways. Please help in prayer. Thankyou.

Urgent Prayer:

by Keyanna at September 17, 2020

I am a Child of GOD who needs prayer for Strength please and I am battling Barreness+Infertility and I CANNOT get Pregnant on my own without Doctor Care and I feel every other Mother is better than me because GOD bless them with Child while living in Sin.I don't go to Church anymore because I am tired of seeing EVERY WOMAN PREGNANT EXCEPT MYSELF.Please pray for JESUS to bless me in my Finances because I am struggling to pay my Bills.

Healing and protection

by Pat at September 17, 2020

Please pray healing for Jeneatte J. my Mom and Pat J. and protection over them.


by Danny Plews at September 17, 2020

Please PRAY for this country They are at a stage where it is acase of Catching Covid-19 or Dying of Starvation! I ask god to Bless them in there dire state, give them some Light at the end of the tunnel. In the NAME OF JESUS! Danny Plews

Praying for broken marriage

by Dre s at September 17, 2020

Please pray for my marriage me and my wife have so much going on in our marriage things need to be Healed in our heart, So much chaos and confusion going on in our marriage my wife will not release her grown children to God she has a habit of spending money Cluttering all around the house. And will not keep the house organized I am so burnt out please pray for our marriage


by JOANN at July 19, 2020


God showing me the way forward

by Diana at July 19, 2020

I ask God the Father Almighty to show me the way forward in order to take the right path in my life. The Holy Spirit to feel me up and grant me , knowledge and understanding to help me understand His Word and help solve problems with our nations. I ask for His continue guidance for myself, family and the vulnerable in our society..... He know the rest and may His will be done in my life..... Amen and thank you..... Shalom!

Spiritual maturity in my life

by Tiffany at July 3, 2020

I would like to request prayer for spiritual maturity to happen in my life and my coworkers lives as well as success at my Pharmaceutical job and for me to be able to get hired on at my day job until my Lord Jesus leads me forward to somehwere else.

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