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Prayers for a family of my own

By Stephanie
I really am praying that I need a purpose fulfill . I really desired to be a mother and wife to a loving person. I always wanted this for myself . I never thought that after all these years I would still be missing having a family of my own. Please pray for me that God will put things together for me and the help will come to me . Please uplift me before God for my purpose be revealed to me. I feel so lonely sometimes and trying to stay focus in my life to hang on and believe that God will bring it to passed. Thank you Stephanie B Va

One thought on “Prayers for a family of my own

  1. Brian says:

    Purpose comes in many forms – One does not need to bring a child in to the world to have someone to take care of, there are lots of kids and others out there in need of help. I know it may be a tough thought, especially when we have our hearts set on something. Don’t forget about the good you can do for someone else, even if you are not the reason they are brought into the is world.

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