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MCAT exam+Acceptance to Medical School

By Merlin Sajeev
My family and I moved from Kannur, India, to Texas, USA, in 2016, after my 10th grade. I then completed my studies here in the USA and am now a college graduate. I am planning to apply to medical school and am in the process of applying to different medical schools in Texas and other states of the USA. I am applying to both MD and DO medical schools. I am also currently preparing for an exam called MCAT which is like the entrance exam in India but is very hard, and the scores of MCAT are what mainly decide whether I get accepted to medical schools. After taking a practice test 2 weeks ago, I am in the low percentile score section (490-20%), and I have to take the exam within 1 month to attend medical school in 2023. It is a very small time frame for improving/studying because the average exam score needed is 505, which is a 70th percentile score. And the exam is out of 528. I am currently scheduled to take the exam on June 24th. I might change the date to July 29th, but that might slow down my whole application process.
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One thought on “MCAT exam+Acceptance to Medical School

  1. Tiffany Sotomi says:

    Hi Merlin!

    I just randomly came upon your comment as I was looking up devotions/bible verses to keep me strong during this time as I prepare for the MCAT. I am literally in the same boat as you. I take my exam on August 12th, and I am really stressed because my marks on my FLs are not where I want them to be.

    This season in our life is really hard because it is one component that decides whether we get into medical school or not. Your exam is in 4 days (if you haven’t changed it yet), and I know you probably feel pretty stressed.

    I’m going to be praying for you Merlin! Remember this: God knew everything that was going to happen in your life WAYYY before you were even born. He also knows that you have been studying nonstop for this exam. There is only so much that we as humans can do Merlin. Do not worry about what is outside of your control. God is fully in control of your exams, your destiny, and your results. Again, you do not face exams alone. God is right by your side fighting for you 24/7!

    During this difficult time, remember all the times God has been there for you and write it down. That has helped me a lot during this long summer of studying. I pray that you will get above the 70th percentile in Jesus name! Merlin, God loves you so much. No matter what the results are always know that He has an even greater plan for you.

    Remember, every biblical hero relied on only two things: Faith and Patience. Carry those two things into the exam room. Trust that He has everything under control!

    Here are a few bible verses I like to read when I’m feeling stressed/worried: Jeremiah 29:11, John 14:27, Matthew 11:28-29, John 16:33, Luke 6:48, Hebrews 13:6, Roman’s 8:31, Proverbs 3:25-26, and lastly one of my favourites: 2 Corinthians 12:9

    I hope that this message reaches you well. Let me know how the exam goes! (p.s. – if you can pray for my exam too that would be great! I need all the prayers I can get!)

    Love, Tiffany

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