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Prayer vs. Silence

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Prayer is helpful to help anyone get a solution to his problem. When people pray, they get whatever they want from God. Prayer is better than silence.


While silence may signify satisfaction and contentment, prayer makes you engage in a practical exercise that positions you into groaning and yearning for a solution to any problem.


Prayer also puts you in a position of anticipating a solution for your problem.


Some blessings may be hanging in the air as a result of silence, but when prayer is involved, doors of heaven are forced open for your blessings to rain down.


God’s abundant blessings come through prayer!


Prayer is essential for believers, as the scripture states:


“Men are always ought to pray and not faint” (Luke 18:1 KJV)


Children of God must consider it essential to utilize the benefits of prayer to get whatever they want from Him.


What Is Prayer?


The term “prayer” can be interchanged with “communication.” That is, prayer means communication with God.


Prayer shows that we are dependent on God.


Nothing can be more important than prayer in a believer’s life! It is powerful to influencing every area of human life.


“Prayer can be applied to every aspect of life.”


Prayer is advantageous for all. A person who prays will see things working in his favor. He would be strong in faith to combat and overcome any challenge of life that confronts him.


Someone who prays will have the inner strength to maintain a stable mind. When exercised, prayer enhances our faith to wait for the inevitable power of God.


People tend to trust God more over an issue they have prayed about. Why?


Because prayer is more or less the spiritual juice that keeps us balance and stable on a swinging pendulum of life.


In other words, a prayerful person is bound to have a stable mind to withstand the windstorm of life!


Does prayer leads to salvation?


No, salvation comes freely from God, but not entirely isolated from prayer. We are not saved because we prayed; we are saved because we confessed our faith in Jesus Christ.


(Our confession of faith in Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior has earned us the salvation).


As said, salvation does not degenerate from prayer; it comes from the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord. However, prayer makes its own impact!


Believers are saved by the grace of God (through Jesus Christ), but when we pray, strong conviction comes that emphasizes we are the children of God!

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Prayer leads to victory


Not only does prayer helps a Christian have the assurance of salvation, but it also helps him have the upper hands over his enemies!


A person who prays will experience the Lord’s victory in every aspect of his life!


Someone who makes prayer his lifestyle will get God’s presence to dominate his life. God’s anointing (obtained through prayer) will strongly be available to help him live triumphantly on earth.


What else should we say than to declare prayer as a very important and powerful tool that keeps the Christians afloat over any life storm!


Prayer puts believers in a win-win situation at all times.


Anyone who prioritizes prayer is bound to be victorious always.

James Taiwo

Post by James Taiwo – author of Book of Prayers | Pinnacle of Compassion | Bible Application Lessons | Success Express Lane | Bible Giants of Faith & others. Learn More

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