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    My sister Helen has a cancerous brain tumor and surgery Thursday. Request prayers Thank you very much
    pray for me. Lots of new responsibilities and changes at my job. So I am also still new to my job. Pray for me to have competence, wisdom and perform well at work. Pray for acceptance from others and I get along and make friends with co workers. Pray GOD gives me a wife and home to have of my own. pray GOD provides and I did not mess up a possible relationship with a lady named ashley. Pray she reveals to me if she likes me. I am socially inept to be honest and need to know for sure…Pray GOD works it out if his will and makes it happen… PRay my siblings get a house to own…
    My name is Leajia (lee asia) please pray for healing and purification in my blood. Pray tumors and cyst dissolve from my breast in Jesus name. Pray my body my entire body be healed, healthy, whole and well in Jesus name amen
    Please help me pray for my daughter, Brae M’s to be released from the clutches of Demarkus B, who is too old for her and is a bad influence, and release my daughter from Ayriana W, who is clinging on to her and draining her financially, and mentally. Please help me pray for my daughter to stop smoking. Please pray for my daughter’s relationship with her boyfriend, Derrick S, and soon to be fiancé’, that they can continue to have strong communication, continue to love each other unconditionally, supporting each other, patience, and understanding between the two of them. I pray that they understand that times will be hard, but they need to go to God for help and work through any differences/problems they may endure. The name of Jesus I pray, AMEN!


    By hernandez
    please pray for a healing miracle for my daughter she is 11 years old peeing blood for 4 days they are waiting to se how she react to treatment and do test for cancer and kidney failure high fever, for my husband prostate cancer , we need miracles thank you
    This prayer is for my sister-in-law Carmen’s mother. She just had a massive heart attack. I pray the blood of Jesus over her. I pray healing in the name of Jesus. I pray every sickness in her body will be broken and cast down. There will be no strong holds. Only healing in Jesus holy name I pray. Amen
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