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    I ask for victory over adversaries and those who are setting themselves against in animosity for no explicable reason. In particular there is a woman who is hostile and overtly snide, I have had no previous dealings with her but she is slandering me and disrupting relationships with lies, trickery, etc.
    I am requesting prayer for my father, Neal, who was recently diagnosed with aggressive esophagus cancer that has spread into lymph nodes. We are believing for supernatural healing of his body that the cancer would vanish and that health would be restored. He also need prayer for salvation and that he will have a holy spirit encounter. He has had a hardened heart due to many hurts in his life and we are believing that God would heal his body and that he would find Jesus.
    Requesting prayers for my brother Adrian Lopez. He is an alcohol and diabetic. Suffers from mental illness (depression) he is now living in the streets. Has a wife and two small children who love him very much. Asking for prayers for his safety and that he seeks the help he needs and comes back to us. Clean and sober With the desire to live once again.
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