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Benefits of Daily Prayer

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daily prayer

Important Benefits of Daily Prayer

Since it has become so easy to get carried away with schedules and ignore the place of prayer, it’s worthy to know and always remind ourselves some of the benefits of prayer.

This will bring us back on track whenever we are moving away from God’s presence.

So, in this post, we will consider some benefits of prayer that will keep encouraging you to be steadfast and build a prayer life that will be persevering.


  • It develops your relationship with God

When it comes to your relationship with God, He is just like your earthly parent – He wants to hear from you every time, and talk to you.

Whenever you pray, He listens keenly unto your voice. When you have a good relationship with God, you gain an understanding of Him and His loving nature

The scriptures tell us that God is love. You can feel that when you seek Him daily through prayer.

Whenever you seem confused and you need help finding the right direction in your life, all you need to do is to seek His face.

He’s ever ready to be of help whenever you call


  • It provides answers

Have you ever been at a crossroad where you don’t seem to understand your purpose is in life or the direction your life is heading? This is sure to happen if your relationship with God is faulty.

The most effective and only solution to this problem is to have a very good relationship with your heavenly Father.


  • It helps you find direction in life

Prayer isn’t only praying to God for Him to do something for you, it also gives an answer to some questions you may have in your life.

Praying to God helps you make the best choice in life.

You get directions on every aspect of your life.

There are times you receive answers that are not straightforward. In times like this, do not dismay, just align yourself with His Will and you will discover peace in your life.


  • It gives you the strength to avoid a temptation

The scriptures teach that as we pray, we can overcome Satan’s temptations.

If there comes a time you feel you are not strong enough to overcome sinful nature or abstain from bad behavior, pray to God to help prevent you from submitting to sin. This will help you to make the right decision.

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  • It aligns your will with God’s will

The purpose of prayer is not necessarily telling God what you need and how He should do it for you.

It is to better to understand Him and His ways by aligning yourself with His will. C.S. Lewis said, “Prayer doesn’t change God. It changes me.”


  • It works miracles in all ramifications

In the Old Testament, Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den because he refused to stop praying, despite the fact that prayer had been declared unlawful. In the lion’s den, Daniel prayed to God, and angels showed up and closed the mouths of the lions.

Through dedicated daily prayer, you experience the hand of God in numerous aspects of your life.

When you pray, you receive assurance of peace, and forgiveness of sins.

It also helps you to repent, change your ways, and be more like Christ

Jesus set the perfect example of prayer. Whenever you seek His example for how your prayers should be rendered, you will become more and more like Jesus.

It will also help you to build up a working relationship with Him and with God.


  • It invites the Holy Spirit into your life

As you pray daily, the Holy Spirit comes into your life to provide answers, and always comes with peace and happiness. His purpose is to comfort and direct you.

The Holy Spirit can help your relationship with God. It helps you to feel God’s affection.

  • It improves your health

Numerous studies have shown that daily prayer has a significant impact on your physical well-being. There are a couple of reasons for this. When you pray daily, it reduces the rate of stress.

The reduced stress level has been proven to lower the occurrence of certain diseases such as cancer.

It also helps you to sleep soundly, and stay focused mentally.


  • It offers you divine help

Daily Prayer is about your relationship with God.

It is good to understand scriptures and to go to church services, but the most important thing is cultivating a personal relationship with God, and that is done through prayer.

You must come to a point where you realize that you are powerless and that you need God’s assistance so as to really achieve greatness.

In prayer, you can ask God for those things that you want in life, and if this is God’s arrangement for you, he will answer.

Prayer is the best way to communicate with God and to seek out the things we need in life.


  • It gives strength in times of trouble

Daily prayer is a very effective way to gain strength. It is what determines your strength and ability even in the most difficult times.

Having the support and encouraging words of friends and families is certainly one significant tool for overcoming some challenges, however, nothing compares with having daily communication with God.

God gives you the strength to overcome challenges in times of trouble.


  • It helps you to achieve greatness

Each addict knows about experiencing the sensation of disappointment or blame. The truth of using is that it leads one to settle on decisions that are unsafe to both themselves and others.

The great thing about prayer is that it opens a recovering addict up to forgiveness.

Through prayer, we can, at last, achieve peace and serenity, and start to push ahead in good living and happiness, without being left behind in the past that is loaded with mistakes and fright.

Daily prayer also allows us to forgive others who may have wronged us in the past. Doing this helps resolve outrage and resentment that we may not know we are harboring.


Praying to God daily is one of the most effective ways to improve your relationship with Him. Make that decision today, and ask God for strength to carry on.

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James Taiwo

Post by James Taiwo – author of Book of Prayers | Pinnacle of Compassion | Bible Application Lessons | Success Express Lane | Bible Giants of Faith & others. Learn More

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