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Prayer: looking at prayers in light of God

Prayer, a sacred dialogue between humanity and the divine, has been integral to human existence since immemorial. It is a universal language that transcends cultural boundaries and speaks to the deepest yearnings of the human soul. But what exactly is prayer? Is it merely a ritualistic act or something more profound?

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Reach the Lord with prayers

Reach the Lord with your prayers, and be expecting Him to perform wonders in your life. The Bible states, “With God all things are possible!” Do you know that prayer inspires your spirit to trust God? Do you also know that prayers earn you peace of mind knowing that a higher power (God) is handling your situation? A praying exercise should be easy by anyone. It is free, and it shouldn’t be considered as a tough task by anyone! Communicate your issues with God, and you will not be disappointed!

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The Truth About Global Warming

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What Science and the Bible Say about Climate Change

Is global warming really happening? Is such a thing even possible? What does science say – and what about the Bible? And if it is happening, what should we do about it? In this thoughtful analysis, we take a look at the evidence presented by scientists and the scriptures, from the chemistry behind greenhouse gases to the Biblical account of the creation of the Earth, to help readers understand the differences between the two narratives and learn what the Bible really says about mankind’s responsibility to the Earth. It’s a must-read for anyone who’s affected by possible climate change and the responsibilities set upon mankind by God – which is to say, all of us.

Book of Prayers: Prayer Selections by Category

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Shop At Amazon Book of Prayers: Prayer Selections by Category When we turn to God for help or guidance, we need to know what to say and how to say it. In this Book of Prayers, by James Taiwo, you will find a prayer solution to your problem.

Success Express Lane (Ebook)

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Your Roadmap to Personal Achievement

Shop At Amazon Success does not crash parties. It must be courted, impressed, invited; drawn to you through passion and hard work.”  You are the only person who can put up a roadblock to your success. Anyone who desires success can achieve it if he or she is ready to learn its basic principles. Every human being has at least one facet of potential for success, every human being is given an equal opportunity to advance through the stages that lead to success, and it does not matter if the stages are presented on a silver platter or a wooden tray. Attitude, determination and commitment are the factors that matter. 

Bible Application Lessons and Prayers: 365 Daily Inspirations

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Shop At Amazon God craves an Improved relationship with you. This is his wish and the reason he created us. The task is complicated, however, due to time constraints that we face in our increasingly busy lives. Work, relationships, family and leisure time all demand our attention, leaving little time for us to build that important bond. But it is possible to find the time needed to reconnect and form a relationship with God that will be unbreakable, even under the most testing of circumstances.
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