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Our Lord Jesus Christ has authority over whatever situation we are passing through – Even the storms obey him! The Bible reference And the same day, when the evening has come, was come, he saith unto them; Let us pass over unto the other side.

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Send us your prayer request and let the people of faith support you in their prayers. Make your prayer request on this site. You may choose to remain anonymous, God understands!

    Recent Prayer Requests

    Coma/brain dead

    by Wes at February 10, 2021

    Please pray for my dear friend’s brother… He collapsed the other day I thought it was a heart attack and now I just found out that blood clots traveled to his brain… Causing him to be on life-support… Declaring him brain dead… For making a difficult decision they are Christians… Praying for the strength, the Belief that God can do the impossible… Please please pray

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    Prayer for family

    by Wendy Friday at January 29, 2021

    Please pray for my husband Marcus Keller to stop drinking alcohol and being so loud and obnoxious. Please pray for his salvation. Please also pray salvation for my children Keundra, Keosha and Trevon. Please pray that they are covered in the blood of Jesus and also pray for my siblings, grandchildren, parents and step children in Jesus name Amen. Thanks for your prayers in advance.

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    A home

    by Melodie at January 29, 2021

    I ask for prayer for the Lord to provide my mom and I a house or duplex. We have been moving a lot for years and been homeless twice and we would like to settle in a place without having to worry about moving again.

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